Shelby, North Carolina is best-known as its fictional representation in Eastbound and Down television show; this doesn’t match its actual history very closely though! Shelby boasts a rich heritage as a hub for manufacturing, agriculture, culture and tourism; its historic downtown is home to local businesses and restaurants while its wide streets and beautiful architecture draw visitors from throughout the region – not forgetting its popular Livermush festival held every August!

Shelby was heavily dependent upon services and trades that sustained daily life during its antebellum heyday; these included carpenters, wheelwrights, silversmiths, blacksmiths, grocers, druggists and butchers as some of its primary businesses.

Shelby depended on trades for its economic security after the Civil War; however, the town also saw a boom in manufacturing during this time with multiple mills opening their doors and providing strong economic support to Shelby. A new generation of entrepreneurs also opened shops that provided services beyond manufacturing goods.

Shelby saw significant population gains throughout its early history; yet its population began a steady decline during the first half of the 20th century. Yet as Cleveland County’s county seat, Shelby citizens played an influential role in state and national politics – its “Shelby Dynasty” sent two governors and multiple representatives to Raleigh which helped advance both Shelby’s county and state further.

Current economic development efforts in Shelby are focused on drawing visitors and strengthening local economies, evidenced by new retail and restaurant establishments opening their doors downtown. A twice weekly farmers market and monthly summer concerts take place here as well as being the regional host for an American Legion baseball tournament which draws thousands of league players every August.

North Carolina law makes it illegal to operate slot machines, video poker games, video bingo games or any other video gaming involving winning money or anything of value – those found breaking this law face a class 2 misdemeanor charge. These laws were originally adopted out of concern that skill-based games might lead to addiction and problem gambling – although advocates believe these machines may actually encourage users to continue gambling longer which leads to significant financial losses for many users.

Shelby offers an active cultural scene for people of all ages to engage with and explore, with many museums located here such as the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and National Motorsports Hall of Fame, theater troupes, two ballet companies and many local/regional cultural groups sponsoring cultural events throughout town. Parks are well maintained with amenities like playgrounds and tennis courts available as well as recreational opportunities like golf and horseback riding available nearby.

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